After six seasons without bringing the FA Cup home to Johor soil, Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) striker Bergson da Silva is determined to give his all at the 2022 FA Cup final stage at Bukit Jalil National Stadium this Saturday.

According to Bergson, he will try to ensure that he is able to be at the peak of his performance as he has been in most previous matches in addition to continuing the momentum of scoring with the team.


At the same time, the 31-year-old striker from Brazil hopes that JDT fans can fill the Bukit Jalil National Stadium on the day of the match to become the team’s 12th player.


“Throughout the preparation period for the final, we will fix all the shortcomings and try to be at the best level so that everything will run smoothly on the day of the match.


“JDT have not won in the FA Cup for a long time and of course me and my teammates will give everything in this final.

“I am determined to be at my best on match day and try to repeat the same performance as in the previous matches.

“To the JDT supporters, I hope everyone can come to the National Stadium because we really need you as a spirit booster and we will give the best for all of you,” he said.


Bergson, who is sure to be the center of attention in the 2022 FA Cup final, has so far scored 23 goals in total with 21 of them in the Super League and 2 in the FA Cup.


Meanwhile, JDT’s midfielder, Safawi Rasid will not miss the opportunity to carry out the task as well as possible if he is given the trust considering that this is his first action at the FA Cup final stage with JDT.


For him, although on paper JDT is seen as the chosen team to lift the trophy, they never take each game for granted and remain vigilant with Terengganu FC’s strategy this Saturday.


“I think the journey to the final has gone smoothly so far and if given the chance to play, this will be the first FA Cup final during my time at JDT.


“So, I will not miss the opportunity and will give my best where this team will also play all out to try to get the cup.

“For me, in any match including the league we are always alert and this time we will give our best for the final action,” he said.

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